Monday, February 28, 2011


This is a fantastic restaurant! My parents were in town recently to visit and we came here for dinner. Right away our service was great. The hostess was very outgoing and we were seated right away.. even though they were decently busy. It didn't take our server long to greet us and he made great recommendations. I ordered the primavera, which was awesome. It's linguine with mixed peppers with a somewhat spicy tomato sauce. My parents ordered the shrimp pesto pizza. I had a piece and it was just as awesome as my pasta. This restaurant is definitely worth checking out.


I think this is a great Mexican restaurant, especially when it comes to their seafood. I've eaten here quite a few times and have really enjoyed everything I've tried. I would definitely recommend checking this place out.


My parents recently came in town to visit and told me for my birthday they would buy me  a new car! Best surprise ever!!! And they told me I could pick it out myself! While they were here we came to Billion Auto to see what we could find. My birthday isn't for another couple weeks but my dad likes to shop around before purchasing. I wasn't very happy with this place. The salesman wouldn't even pay attention to me, he would only talk to my dad. I would ask questions and tried to tell him what I was looking for but he acted like I wasn't even there. Little does he realize, I will be the one picking out the car and it won't be from here.


This is my favorite boutique in Iowa City and I shop here all the time. They have unique clothes and the cutest dresses. I've boughten at least 8 dresses from here in the last couple months. And if you find something that you really like but they don't have your size, there is a woman who does all of their alterations at a great price. She does a fabulous job and the service here is outstanding. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I can't wait to go shopping again :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


This restaurant has AWESOME Italian food. I've enjoyed everything I've ever tried here. The pasta is fresh and everything is always cooked perfectly. I had the pasta la jolla the last time i was here and it was delish. It was fresh and flavorful. Next time I need to satisfy my Italian craving, i will def be coming back here.


If you're ever walking around downtown in the ped mall, Pop's Italian Beef is a great place to stop and eat. It makes for a quick, cheap lunch and the people working are always super friendly. The italian beef with peppers is awesome and I highly recommend trying it.


I'm a big fan of Italian food and have only eaten at Monica's a few times but it never seems to satisfy my craving. The last time I was here I ordered the lasagna. It was bland and somewhat runny. I was really disappointed because I didn't remember my previous experiences being so bad. The service was friendly but the food needs some work.

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is a great spot for lunch and I love coming here. The service is always friendly and the food is yummy. They only offer a buffet which is great because you get to try a little bit of everything. The only complaint I have is that I wish they would offer more meat dishes.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pizza on Dubuque

I love this place! The slices are huge, the pizza is yummy and the service is always friendly.


I love the calzones here, they are a definite must! The service could be a little better though.


I love shopping here! This is one of the best places to shop in Iowa City, they have something to offer for everyone. I especially love coming here when they have a sale, you can get name brand jeans for cheap!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A & A Pagliai's Pizza

Pagliai's pizza is okay but I've had better. I've been here quite a few times and have never had outstanding service or food. Everything is standard but I think they have the potential to be better and I always hear such great things about them but still have yet to experience it. Pagliai's is in walking distance from downtown so my friends and I come here quite a bit. But I'm waiting for the day they impress me with their food.


The grocery selection here sucks. The only good thing about this place is their alcohol selection, however I'm not old enough to take advantage of it yet. Therefore I wouldn't recommend coming here unless you are 21+.


By far the best ice cream in Iowa City. The ice cream is rich and creamy and they have awesome flavors. I come here everyday and try something new. My day wouldn't be the same without it. I guarantee you will love it if you come here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bread Garden Market~Everything You Could Want

I really love this place! They have everything you could ever want including homemade ice cream (which is delicious). I always buy my groceries here, I like that they sell organic foods. I also buy food from their bakery; it's always fresh and delicious. Sometimes I'll stop by to get something from their deli or salad bar. The food here is great and it's located right downtown so it's only a walk away from my apartment. And every morning on my way to class, I stop and get a coffee from their coffee bar. I would recommend coming here; you'll find whatever you want.